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Doubt and Faith: Assurance of Our Salvation

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Have you ever doubted your salvation? Or, do you wrestle with finding assurance of things God has already promised in Scripture? The Bible teaches us that we can know we have salvation.

Doubt seems to be the most common struggle of Christians in American churches (not just students). We doubt our salvation, we doubt God’s goodness, we doubt God’s previous works, and we doubt God’s ability to do something.

Doubt is a direct attack on faith, so the way we must attack doubt is by growing our faith stronger. Growing deeper in our understanding of who God is will enable our faith to flourish and give ballast in the midst of doubt.

  1. Go deeper into God’s Word. That’s going to stabilize you. Go deeper in my experience with God through obedience, ministry, and worship.
  2. Be confident in the work Jesus is doing, not in the work you have done.



“Doubt is never far from faith’s shoulder.” – Augustine

“If you’re a person who lives by faith then you’re going to have to live with doubt.”

“If you have faith in Jesus, then Jesus is the object in your faith. Jesus is revealed to us through the Word of God. So the way I grow my faith stronger is to grow my knowledge and understanding.”

“Sharing my faith grows my faith. I grow stronger when I’m telling other people about Jesus.”

“Jesus drew me out of the darkness and into the light. Jesus brought me from spiritual death into life. Jesus took me from slavery and bondage from sin and set me free and made me a slave of righteousness. Romans chapter 6. These are biblical promises. I can be confident in the work Jesus is doing, knowing that my salvation rests in the work Jesus has done, is doing, and will ultimately do.”

“How do we know what true assurance is and what false assurance is? True assurance will drive you to worship Jesus and serve Him. Where false assurance will drive me away from God.”


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March 30, 2020

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