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NSR: Beyond the Flannelgraph: The Life of Daniel

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Today Brody jumped back into our Beyond the Flannelgraph series and walked through the life of Daniel. We’re called to be a light in the darkness of this world, and Daniel is someone we can look to as an example. When you face trials in your life, remember that the Lord will use those trials to bring you closer to Him. Every generation of believers has gone through difficulties. Long before the time of Jesus, people joyfully endured persecution based on the fact that Jesus was coming.

We have been given a better hope. We have an empty tomb and a better salvation. Have confidence that God will give us the faith to stand firm just as He did for those before us. Hold fast to the promises of God and endure the hard times.


  • Daniel 1
  • Hebrews 11
  • Romans 8:17

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November 30, 2020

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