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The Salvation of a Buddhist Monk

In this episode, Brody talks with Jonathan Ballou, a missionary who serves in Thailand with his family. They discuss church planting, the importance of language learning, and following the leadership of the Holy Spirit in ministry. Jonathan also shares an incredible testimony of a young man named Pey, who used to worship Buddha while in training to be a monk. At age 14, Pey was captured and forced to join the militia and later faced execution for desertion. Listen to hear about how the Lord used capturing and imprisonment to display His grace in Pey’s life.

It can be hard for us to see that even in the darkest parts of the world the Gospel is advancing, but God is redeeming people from the most broken circumstances every day. The Gospel will prevail! We need to be believers who will take the light of the Gospel and shine it into those dark places. Pray and make an impact.

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February 8, 2021

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