NSR: Submitting to the Authority of Scripture

Brody Holloway |
March 8, 2021

When culture changes, do we change with it? Do we adapt the Bible to fit the fleeting trends of society? No, as believers, we conform only to the image of Jesus and we hold to the consistency of Scripture. We hold to principles and values that the world doesn’t. In this episode, Brody looks at the authority of Scripture and how it pertains to our lives.

God is not capable of lying, so He’s not capable of error. We know that the Word of God is true because God is true. Scripture reflects and reveals the attributes of God as we know them and gives definition to them. It is full of stories and commands that show us how to live our lives.

We need the Word of God everyday. We need to approach it with a heart of humility and submission, not one of argument or rebellion. It deals with the eternal condition of our souls, and we are to be mastered by it.


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