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NSR: What is Your Purpose in Life?

In today’s podcast, Brody shares two stories from the birth of Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters that involve the help and investment from his father-in-law, Steve Coleman. He walks through how the Lord used Kahuna’s background in inner-city ministry and land development to prepare him for what the Lord had in store for him. The Lord combined Kahuna’s skills and Brody’s experience in student ministry to form the vision for Snowbird. 

You never know what God is preparing you for. His plans are higher than our imagination and Snowbird is a testament to that. Both Brody and Kahuna were faithful and obedient to the Lord and His plans for them. He carried them through different events during their lives that prepared them to build this ministry as a team. God is preparing you for something and He has a purpose for everything. Remind yourself of this truth, even when everything around you seems uncertain.


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November 5, 2020

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