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Take a Day Off, Get Mauled by a Lion Part 2)

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There are no days off in the Christian life. Every day, when our feet hit the floor, we are engaged in a spiritual war. We’ve got to fight with courage and perseverance. The instinct of our flesh is to drift away from holiness and toward the worship of ourselves and other idols.

Jeroboam became king over the northern kingdom of Israel but didn’t have Jerusalem (and the Temple) within his reign. He created two golden calves that Northern Israel could worship. An entire new religious system was born.

So, God sent a prophet from Judah up to Bethel to prophesy God’s judgment against the false priests (and Jeroboam). The prophet proclaimed God’s words with courage and boldness in the face of King Jeroboam’s anger.

Sadly, the man of God was then deceived by an old prophet while on the way home and didn’t obey the Lord’s command to return straight home.


  • 1 Kings 12-13



“Every day when our feet hit the floor we are at war spiritually and so every day we’ve got to fight.”

“Your relationship with the Lord is so critical, how you view God is so critical you can’t take a break from that. It’s a relationship. God is not just an object of our worship, He is our Lord. He is the lover of our souls, He draws us into a relationship and I’ve got to stay tuned. I can’t afford to take any days off.”

“Be careful, lest you drift away.”

“No one ever drifts toward holiness, that is a constant fight you’ve got to be constantly aware. Take your focus and you stop fixing your eyes on Jesus and you can drift away.”

March 6, 2020

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