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Vic Carpenter, Boldness In Personal Evangelism | Men’s Session

Vic Carpenter : John 4 : Be Strong

We must plan our day around interacting with people with the hope of sharing the Gospel. We will not be able to have meaningful conversations unless we start them. This is the first step in showing Jesus to others. This will affect how we view our family, wife, and our children.

  1. Start a normal conversation.
  2. Bridge the conversation to the Gospel.
  3. Address sin in their life so they see they have a need for Savior.
  4. Engage in a deep conversation about spiritual truth.

Also, be praying for opportunities to do this. We must tell others who Jesus is.

Vic Carpenter has just been confirmed as a guest speaker at this weekend’s Be Strong spring conference. He is a long-time FBI Special Agent and serves the work of the Gospel in the upper echelon of law enforcement. Check out his bio below to learn more:

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Vic has served in church ministry positions ranging from youth pastor to senior pastor while completeing a Master of Divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

At age thirty Vic joined the FBI as a Special Agent and began his career in the Miami field office. He served three years in Miami working fraud investigations and on the SWAT team. From there Vic served six years on the FBI Hostage Rescue Team where he became the first full-time tactical bomb technician on HRT. He now manages the FBI Tactical Bomb Technician program, overseeing training and deployment nationwide.    

However, Vic’s true passion is workplace and church ministry. He has been leading men to Christ in the workplace for years, and will soon serve as the lead teacher for Spotswood West Church in Fredericksburg, VA.

Vic has been married to Maria for almost 20 years, and has four incredible boys. He can be reached at:

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March 21, 2019

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