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Be Strong

Oct 17,

Comradery & Conduct | Be Strong

Jeremy Wilson | Be Strong Men’s Conference | Breakout There is so much more at stake for our holiness when we’re husbands and fathers. In today’s culture, genuine male friendships …

Oct 12,

Be Strong | Navigating The Complexities of a Fallen World

Men’s Conference | Spencer Davis | Sunday MorningGod has promised to be with you just as he was with Joshua. Part of being a man is navigating the complexities of …

Oct 10,

Be Strong | Joshua – Courageous Obedience

Men’s Conference | Rob Conti | Saturday NightWhen we are disobedient towards God, we are really saying that we don’t trust Him. God has promised to be with us always; …

Oct 5,

Be Strong | Theology in the Home

SWO23 | Hank Parker Jr. | BreakoutBelievers, Satan is trying to create doubt in our lives daily. We need to know what we believe and why we believe it. As …

Oct 3,

Be Strong | Discipline & Dominion

Men’s Conference | Zach Mabry | Breakout As men, we have been called to fight. We are to fight against sin, fight for our holiness, and fight for our families. …

Sep 28,

Gender and the Scriptures | Be Strong

Men’s Conference | Jon Rouleau | Breakout What does Scripture actually say about gender? The god of our society is our feelings, and thus anything that goes against your feelings …

Sep 26,

Joshua – A Profile of Courage | Be Strong

The world calls slavery to sin freedom, and freedom in Christ slavery and bondage. But know this brothers, that those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. The world will not rob us of our strength. Those who walk in truth will remain upright and just and courageous.

May 16,

God’s Original Design for Man | Be Strong

God made man and woman unique and distinct from one another. In Genesis 1-2 we see God’s original design for man. Today, our culture is confusing gender roles. We serve …

May 11,

Discipline and Freedom | Be Strong

Young men are looking for discipline and structure right now. Scripture calls us as men to live disciplined lives, free from sin. Jesus gives us freedom from our past. He …

May 9,

Our Responsibility To The Local Church | Be Strong

What is man’s responsibility in the Church? Gathering in the local Church body is vital to our spiritual growth. Men are commanded to do more than just make sure their …

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