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Fall Retreat

Dec 8,

Jesus Gives Us His Righteousness

Spencer Davis | Mark 2 Spencer Davis teaches on the sufficient work of Jesus Christ to save us from our sin to a group of Christian School students on a …

Dec 4,

Why Do We Need to be Saved?

Spencer Davis | Romans 1 Spencer Davis walks through the Gospel with a group of Christian School students during a fall retreat.  In order to understand what it means to …

Dec 4,

Treasure the Gospel

Spencer Davis | Matthew 13 Spencer Davis walks through the story of the Ark of the Covenant with a group of Christian School students during a fall retreat.  In order …

Nov 3,

Family Retreat: Joshua 24

Brody Holloway | Family Retreat | Joshua 24 Brody Holloway looks at the final words of Joshua to the Israelites and the lasting legacy believers are called to leave in …

Oct 24,

Family Retreat: Ephesians 5

Brody Holloway | Family Retreat 2013 | Ephesians 5 Brody Holloway examines biblical instruction for families in Ephesians 5 and gives practical application toward reflecting the relational nature of God …

Dec 12,

The Aroma of Christ

Brody Holloway | John 12 Brody Holloway speaks of Mary anointing the feet of Jesus. Mary poured out her greatest possession in complete devotion and worship of Christ. We must value …

Nov 27,

The Gospel According to Romans 1, 2, and 3

Rob Conti | Romans 1-3 Rob Conti preaches through the Gospel from the first few chapters of Romans during a fall retreat at Snowbird.

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