Fall Retreat

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Jesus is Coming, Be Ready | Fall Retreat

Jon Rouleau | Sunday Morning Jesus is coming and we need to be ready. While we’re waiting, we need to be diligent to pursue Christ and holiness. In 2 Peter … Continue reading

Jon Rouleau November 16, 2022
Event Session

We Need the Light of Christ | Fall Retreat

Rob Conti | Saturday Night The word of God gives us wisdom, direction, and hope to navigate through this life. Believers, we belong to Jesus. He will guide us and … Continue reading

Rob Conti November 15, 2022
Event Session

The Lord is Patient with Us | Fall Retreat


Spencer Davis | Saturday Morning Jesus is coming back. The prophets said He would and Jesus Himself spoke of His own return. When Scripture says something is going to happen … Continue reading

Spencer Davis November 10, 2022
Event Session

Stir Up Your Faith | Fall Retreat

Brody Holloway | Friday Night Jesus Christ has the power to save. In 2 Peter 1, Peter encourages the Church and believers to constantly be pursuing the Lord. We need … Continue reading

Brody Holloway November 8, 2022
Event Session

Daniel In The Lion’s Den

Fall Retreats 2021 We need the favor of God in our lives to withstand the world and constantly pursue Him. In this last session, Brody walks through Daniel 6. Daniel’s … Continue reading

Brody Holloway December 14, 2021
Event Session

There Is No Halfway Obedience

Fall Retreats 2021 True worship comes from the heart. In Daniel 3, King Nebuchadnezzar doesn’t care about the conditions of people’s hearts. He just wanted to be worshipped. But Shadrach, … Continue reading

Spencer Davis December 9, 2021
Event Session

The Faithful Life of Daniel

Fall Retreats 2021 In this session, Brody presents an overview of Daniel’s life. Daniel shows us characteristics of godliness that we should strive for. He resolved in his heart to … Continue reading

Brody Holloway December 7, 2021
Event Session

Faith That Doesn’t Compromise

Fall Retreat 2021 It is easy to start making compromises in your faith. The world wants you to become more like it—and less like Christ. In this session, Rob walks … Continue reading

Rob Conti December 2, 2021
Event Session

Why Do We Need to be Saved?

Spencer Davis | Romans 1 Spencer Davis walks through the Gospel with a group of Christian School students during a fall retreat.  In order to understand what it means to … Continue reading

Spencer Davis August 26, 2021
Event Session

Fall Retreat: Don’t Forget The Gospel


  Fall Retreat 2020 | Zach Mabry | Breakout It is easy for us to take the gospel for granted. The creator of the universe became the weakest thing in … Continue reading

Zach Mabry January 28, 2021
Event Session