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Purity Retreat

Mar 28,

3 Questions About Growing as a Godly Woman | Pure & Holy

We live in a world that is sabotaging our purity. How do we grow an appetite for godliness? In this session, Anna Rose walks through 3 questions on purity and …

Mar 26,

When I Became A Man | Pure and Holy

Biblical masculinity is being attacked by culture today. We need to pursue what the Bible has to say about being a godly man instead of listening to the world. In …

Mar 21,

What Enduring Love Looks Like | Pure and Holy

What does love that endures look like? Every human longs to be loved. We all have access to God’s love. 1 Corinthians 13 shows us a Biblical definition of what …

Mar 19,

Love That Covers Sin & Shame | Pure & Holy

Pure & Holy | Rob Conti | Saturday NightOnly God gets to define love. God sent his Son to shed his blood for us to cover our sins. 1 Corinthians …

Mar 14,

11 Qualities of Christ’s Love | Pure & Holy

Our culture is confused about what love is right now. 1 Corinthians 13:4-6 shows us what love is and describes God’s love for us. In this session, Spencer walks through …

Mar 12,

How God Loves Us | Pure & Holy

The world offers us cheap substitutes for love. The type of love the world offers will not satisfy or fulfill you. God offers us a lasting love that doesn’t require …

Mar 7,

Seek The Things That Are Above | Pure & Holy

Rob Conti | Sunday Morning | Pure & Holy Believers, we are commanded to seek the things above, not the things of this world. In today’s culture, we are inundated …

Mar 2,

God’s Design For Relationships | Pure & Holy

Brody Holloway | Saturday Night | Pure & Holy God created relationships. In Genesis 2, God created man, woman, and marriage. We cannot allow the world to decide what relationships …

Feb 28,

Resist Temptation by Standing Firm in Christ | Pure & Holy

Jon Rouleau | Guys Breakout | Pure & Holy Men, we are designed to lead in the church and our homes. How do we say no to the easily accessible …

Feb 23,

3 Questions About Identity | Girls Purity Session

Pure & Holy | Anna Rose Garrett | Girls Breakout How do human beings find their identity? We have to compare ourselves to something or someone outside of ourselves. The …

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