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Learning from the Best: Paul and a Lifelong Ministry of Testifying to the Gospel of God’s Grace

Brody Holloway: Iron on Iron : September 7, 2019

17 Things Paul Teaches us in Acts:

  1. Paul’s spirit was unconquerable.
  2. Paul’s vision for ministry was clear and strategic.
  3. Paul’s faith was deeply rooted in what God had done and revealed to Him through the risen Lord.
  4. Paul did not work alone. He understood the need for a team.
  5. Paul believed in practical and personal mentorship.
  6. Paul loved the church and the body of Christ.
  7.  Paul preached with authority that was not his own but came from God.
  8. Paul lived by faith.
  9. Paul believed in the power of prayer.
  10. Paul knew his own limitations and the need to depend fully on the Lord.
  11. Paul was serious about his walk with Jesus and personal holiness.
  12. Paul believed that to be absent from the body was to be present with the Lord.
  13. Paul believed this world is temporal and that one day Jesus will return to make all things new, judge every deed, word and thought of my own, and establish a Kingdom in which He will reign forever.
  14. Paul showed us how to engage in hostility.
  15. Paul taught us how to deal with ministry-induced depression and anxiety.
  16. Paul taught us incarnational ministry.
  17. Paul had a living hope.

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