Take Up Your Cross, Jesus is Worth Following

Rob Conti |
July 6, 2021

Rob Conti | Christian School Retreat

In Luke 9, Jesus lays out the terms for what it means to be a Christian. What we say about Jesus is important. What we think about Jesus is important. Our world is becoming more hostile toward Him every day. We can’t take the middle ground—you either follow Him or you don’t. He laid down His life for us and took on the wrath that we deserve. He calls us to deny ourselves and follow Him. 

There is no other hope but Christ. He doesn’t rescue people so they can go right back to sinning. You’re not saved now so you can do whatever you want. You’re now a follower so you have to fight against your flesh. Let’s get busy serving and loving others. Pattern your life after Jesus and do everything with the Cross in mind. 


  • Luke 9
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