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Marriage: A Vision of Christ & The Church

Marriage Conference | Spencer Davis | Friday Night

Marriage was designed to work under Christ, through Christ, and for Christ. If we’re not letting our marriages flow from this context then they won’t work. The very foundation of marriage comes from Christ and His glory. Scripture paints a clear vision of the sacredness of marriage and teaches us about Christ’s relationship with the Church. Spencer examined Ephesians 5 and showed our responsibility to mirror Christ and the Church through our imperfect marriages. 

We’re called to play a role. Your marriage illustrates to your spouse (and to the world) what Christ’s relationship with His people is like. We are called to die daily and to mirror the patience and kindness God has with us. 

Don’t miss the sacred vision. Let this be a joyful honor and opportunity to live out Christ’s love.


  • Ephesians 5
  • Colossians 2-3
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2024 Marriage Conference

October 2024

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November 6, 2020

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