Military & Law Enforcement: Resisting a Lion

Dallas Bozeman |
January 9, 2019

Dallas Bozeman : Military & Law Enforcement Conference : 1 Peter 5:6-11 : January 4, 2019

Satan’s goal is to rob God of glory by convincing you that He does not care and He cannot be trusted. It’s easy to think that death is winning. Satan, the roaring lion, is intimidating God’s people with suffering. The warrior mentality has taught us that no one is coming, that I have to treat every situation as if no one is coming. So when the enemy is pressing in, I am the only one that I can count on. As we grow in spiritual maturity, we learn how to fight. But more importantly, we realize that real strength comes not from HOW we fight but WHO does the fighting. We humble ourselves to say, Lord I can’t, but I believe you care for me so I am going to lay it at your feet. I am not just going to call you Lord, I am going to humble myself and let you take your place as Lord over my life. Trusting Him doesn’t mean He is always going to give us the answers we want, it means going before Him in prayer and trusting that His answers are for our good and His glory.

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