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Responding in Obedience

Brody Holloway | Pure and Holy 2022 | Friday Night

Jesus doesn’t do anything at random.  His mission here on Earth was planned and thoroughly thought out.  He came to Earth to seek out and to save the lost.  The story of Zacchaeus is a perfect example of this.  When Jesus found him and called him, he responded in obedience.  He no longer had to seek out worldly things that brought him momentary joy, but rather was filled with the fully satisfying joy that comes with salvation.  As believers, God calls us to always be on mission wherever we are.  We must take the love and hope of the Gospel to lost people.

Questions to think about :
 1. Have you ever experienced conviction?
 2. Have you ever truly repented?
 3. Are you going to someone or something in this world, other than Jesus to find your joy?

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February 2025

March 29, 2022

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