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Shepherding Lessons In Student Ministry

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Brody Holloway : Iron on Iron Pre-conference : 1 Peter 5:1-11 : August 24, 2018

Pastors, we are to “shepherd the flock of God.” This is an unambiguous command in Scripture, and we must heed that calling with fervent faithfulness. When God gives us an imperative, there isn’t much wiggle room in the interpretation. We are under-shepherds of the true Shepherd, and thus we should smell like our sheep. For us as student pastors, this means we will be found among our students. We aren’t their “buddy,” but we will be shepherding beside them as they go to ball games, school lunches, etc. It is vital that we avoid any sense of conceit or haughtiness!

Let’s make sure our student ministry is marked by a humble example that matches the bold proclamation of the Gospel. We are ambassadors of the glorious King, so we must take ministry very serious and our holiness very personal. Thanks be to God that he restores, confirms, strengthens, and establishes us continually. “To Him be the dominion forever and ever…” (1 Peter 5:11).

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August 28, 2018

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