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7 Ways to Combat Entitlement

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As Christians, we must continually grow a biblical understanding of God (Joshua 6:1-2) and never give in to a sense of entitlement. We deserve nothing more than death, hell, and condemnation by God. He has given us MORE than we deserve! Receive gifts from God with thanksgiving! Enjoy what He has provided—every good and perfect gift comes from God.

How do we combat entitlement?

  1. Work harder than anyone else. (1 Thessalonians 4, 2 Thessalonians 3:6)
  2. Give, give, give. (Malachi 3:6-10)
  3. Take care of what you have.
  4. Be hospitable, invite people into your lives.
  5. Give to the poor.
  6. Give your time to others. Give of yourselves to The Lord.
  7. Understand who you belong to.

*The excerpt above is from a sermon Brody Holloway taught on Exodus 20:15 at Red Oak Church, June 2014. Listen to the sermon here

November 19, 2019

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