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Mitch Jolly

Dec 5,

Living on Mission Where You Are (Shift 2 of 4)

By Mitch Jolly Shift 2: From Programs to Domain Engagement This second shift is more organizational than personal. In other words, if you are in church leadership, this shift should …

Oct 29,

Role Of Marriage As Sanctification

Mitch Jolly | Marriage Conference | October 25, 2019  

Mar 9,

What is the Mission of the Church? – Video

M. exposits the Bible to answer the question: “Is the Great Commission a ministry of the church or the entire mission of a church  submitted to the glory of Jesus Christ?” He walks through …

Sep 22,

Personal Discipleship For Student Pastors

  Mitch Jolly | Iron on Iron | 2016 Saturday AM Our relationship with God is an active one. By God’s grace, we have the joy of being made more …

Sep 22,

Put on the New Self, Kill Sin

  The mortification of sin is crucial to our personal discipleship, our walk with the Lord, and those around us. Sin doesn’t just affect the sinner; it affects everything. If …

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