Sarah Conti

Respond: Joy, Anxiety, and Peace

Sarah Conti taught from Philippians 4 at the 2016 Respond women’s conference and walked through Paul’s teaching on anxiety and peace. Paul wrote things to the Philippian church such as … Continue reading

Sarah Conti May 24, 2016
Event Session

Respond: Studying Scripture

Sarah Conti | Respond | 2014 Sarah Conti shares with the women of the Respond Conference on the importance of studying the Scriptures. The standard of truth is not our … Continue reading

Sarah Conti April 30, 2014
Event Session

Respond: Teaching Doctrine in the Home

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Sarah Conti | Respond Conference 2013 Sarah Conti, mother of three and wife of Rob Conti, shares what she has learned in raising up their children with a love for … Continue reading

Sarah Conti May 15, 2013
Event Session
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