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Jul 26,

Trauma Ministry in a Refugee Camp (pt. 2) | No Sanity Stories

In this podcast, Kilby shares specific stories from women that she’s worked with at the safe house. Their stories are full of fear, trauma, and abuse. Kilby speaks of the …

Jul 19,

Trauma Ministry in a Refugee Camp | No Sanity Stories

The Lord doesn’t waste anything. He uses the trauma and hardships of life to draw you closer to Himself. In this episode, Brody sits down with his daughter, Kilby Helms, …

Aug 4,

A Conversation on Pain, Suffering, & Trusting Jesus

[buzzsprout episode=’4840766′ player=’true’] What does hope look like in the middle of suffering? Suffering isn’t easy, but the Gospel gives us hope—that’s sometimes unexplainable. Brody had this conversation with Brooke …

May 19,

Brokenhearted? The Lord is Near

  By Jennifer Jolly Our Losses Most days I thought I was doing ok with it. In fact, before it happened, I actually kind of marveled at how well I …

Apr 20,

Round Table: Dealing With Temptation

[buzzsprout episode=’3176890′ player=’true’] How do you deal with temptation? Temptation itself is not sin. How do we live in the reality of temptation, but not yield to it? We must …

Apr 16,

The Anchor of Christ in the Storm of Depression

[buzzsprout episode=’3303922′ player=’true’]   Depression and anxiety are real. And, Christians aren’t immune to them. But, there is a difference in how we deal with it. How are Christians able …

Mar 26,

Coronavirus and the Sovereignty of God

[buzzsprout episode=’3123238′ player=’true’] Where is God in the midst of Coronavirus? Isn’t God good and powerful enough to stop the calamity of COVID-19? Four of the Snowbird Outfitters directors had …

Nov 6,

How to Honor God (and Your Parents) in the Middle of a Broken Home

Last month, we published an article that encouraged children in godly homes to take advantage of their parents’ Gospel investment by establishing good habits right now. But, not everyone has …

Sep 25,

What Does the Bible Say about Fighting Depression?

What does the Bible say about depression? Through the hope and mercy of Jesus Christ, we find that there is meaning in your depression. Christians, we have a hope that …

Sep 10,

Youth Ministry Panel Discussion: Iron on Iron 2019

Panel Members: Joseph Tucker, Steve Brooks, Ricky Smith, Jason Salyer, and Rob Conti Moderator: Spencer Davis How do you approach discipling students outside of teaching and programming? Joseph Tucker: Well, …

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