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Nov 27,

Leaving Snowbird to Reach the Unreached | No Sanity Stories

In this episode, Brody sits down with James and Jenna Roberts, former Snowbird staffers who are currently on furlough. James and Jenna serve in Togo, West Africa, and are back …

Apr 13,

Preaching The Gospel In A Postmodern World | Iron on Iron

Iron on Iron | Jon Rouleau | Breakout Students need leaders that show them how to live obediently and point them to the Lord. How can we encourage our students …

Sep 6,

Sharing The Gospel With Confidence | SWO22 Breakout

SWO22 | Rob Conti  | Thursday Breakout Jesus told us to go tell everyone about the good news—the good news that they can have eternal life, be forgiven of sin, …

May 30,

A Conversation On Missions Abroad & At Home Pt. 2

The local church is God’s plan for advancing the Gospel.  What are you doing now to reach the people in your community? Continuing the conversation on missions abroad and at …

May 23,

A Conversation On Missions Abroad & At Home Pt. 1

Believers, we should never lose site of the responsibility we have to take the Gospel to every nation.  John Baxter is a career missionary and church planter who serves with …

Mar 28,

How To Share The Gospel With Muslims

“And Jesus came and said to them, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in …

Mar 7,

A Conversation On The Crisis In Ukraine

Brody sat down with Yuri, a Pastor in Denver, CO, to discuss what is going on in Ukraine and how believers can be praying for the church there. Yuri is …

Feb 13,

14 Lessons Paul Teaches us in Acts

There is much we can learn from Paul’s faithful example in Acts. At the end of the day, what does the book of Acts teach us about Paul and the …

Dec 10,

Alms Tax for the Poor and the Needy (Pillar 3)

Required Tax for the Poor and Needy (zakat) Islamic law requires Muslims to pay a tax, referred to as “alms” (zakat). This tax is usually a 2.5% tax levied on …

Dec 9,

The 5 Daily Prayers of Islam (Pillar 2)

Five Daily Prayers (Salat ) Muslims are required to pray fives times each day, facing Mecca in the East. These prayers are delivered up to Allah at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, …

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