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Sharing The Gospel With Confidence | SWO22 Breakout

SWO22 | Rob Conti  | Thursday Breakout

Jesus told us to go tell everyone about the good news—the good news that they can have eternal life, be forgiven of sin, and have a real relationship with God.

We know we have this commission from the Lord, but we often shy away from having Gospel conversations with people who don’t believe in Jesus. If we are honest with ourselves, this is mostly because we are afraid:

  • Afraid of how someone will respond to us. 
  • Afraid of what they will think of us. 
  • Afraid we will not know what to say if they ask a hard question or make fun of what we believe. 

This breakout will seek to show us where our confidence in sharing the Gospel comes from and how we can have real conversations with people about Jesus.

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The Life of Christ (Gospel of Luke)

September 6, 2022

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