Him We Proclaim | Iron on Iron

Brody Holloway |
April 18, 2023

Iron on Iron | Brody Holloway | Friday Night

Youth Pastors, you will never exhaust the message of Jesus. If we faithfully exposit Scripture we don’t have to entertain the students. Let’s warn, admonish, and teach the Word of God with all wisdom. 

In this session, Brody walks through Colossians chapter 1. He lists 10 things we are to proclaim about Christ. The Gospel is offensive to those who are perishing. Let’s toil and labor, and put in the hard work to preach faithfully. 

  • Colossians 1
  • Hebrews 4
  • Hebrews 2
  • Hebrews 1
  • 1 Thessalonians  2:7-12
1 preaching the gospel in a postmodern world
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Iron on Iron (March 2024)

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