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May 16,

God’s Original Design for Man | Be Strong

God made man and woman unique and distinct from one another. In Genesis 1-2 we see God’s original design for man. Today, our culture is confusing gender roles. We serve …

May 4,

A Conversation On Gender & Sexuality | Be Strong

When it comes to gender and sexuality, how did we get to where culture is right now with it? How are Christians to respond? In this breakout, Zach Mabry walks …

Apr 11,

A Conversation on Gender & Sexuality | Iron on Iron

Youth Pastors, what do we need to be teaching our students on this topic? In this session, Zach walks through 4 things we need to recover biblically when it comes …

Mar 2,

God’s Design For Relationships | Pure & Holy

Brody Holloway | Saturday Night | Pure & Holy God created relationships. In Genesis 2, God created man, woman, and marriage. We cannot allow the world to decide what relationships …

Feb 28,

Resist Temptation by Standing Firm in Christ | Pure & Holy

Jon Rouleau | Guys Breakout | Pure & Holy Men, we are designed to lead in the church and our homes. How do we say no to the easily accessible …

Feb 16,

Don’t Be Taken Captive | Pure & Holy

Today, we are hearing two different messages about sex. The first from Scripture and the other from the world. People are buying into the meaningless pleasures of this world, but …

Apr 7,

Satan’s Lies About Sex & Love

Spencer Davis | Pure and Holy 2022 | Sunday Morning The enemy has had years to perfect his algorithm of feeding us lies that align with the desires of the …

Apr 5,

Preparing for Marriage Q&A

Brody Holloway | Pure and Holy | Saturday Night In this session, Brody sits down with two couples and interviews them for the Pure and Holy retreat. He asks everything …

Mar 31,

Zacchaeus: Repentance, Salvation, and Sanctification

Brody Holloway | Pure and Holy 2022 | Saturday Morning  Zacchaeus’s life was changed by salvation.  He wasn’t perfect after he started following Jesus, but he never went back to …

Jan 15,

3 Books that Drive to the Heart of Sexual Purity

John Owen once wrote: “Do you mortify; do you make it your daily work; be always at it whilst you live; cease not a day from this work; be killing sin …

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