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A Conversation on Faith & Deconstruction pt. 2

What is driving Christians to fall away from the faith? Today we’re seeing believers either abandoning the Christian faith or redefining the parameters of it. Something is always driving this. The problem is idolatry. We’re either exalting ourselves or items to a position that only God can hold. There is always an action or change of lifestyle that comes with deconstruction. 

Continuing the conversation with Jon Rouleau, a friend of Snowbird’s, Brody and Jon discuss what deconstruction is, why people walk away from the faith, and how we’re to remain faithful in this culture. 

Some people who have walked away were already looking for an excuse to deny the faith. We can be faithful witnesses, not just in preaching Scripture, but in living for Jesus. Hold fast to what you believe and stay faithful in this fallen world.


  • Numbers 25
  • Genesis 3
April 4, 2022

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