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NSR: Beyond the Flannelgraph | David’s Mighty Men

In today’s episode, Brody walks through 2 Samuel 23 and shows what we can learn from the action of David’s mighty men. These men show loyalty, unselfish bravery, and the ability to discern the needs of others. They took action and embraced responsibility.

The water that these men got for David represents something a whole lot bigger. God has made it clear to David that He has bigger plans for them. The water is about God’s promises and David’s longing to see those fulfilled. These men are so attuned to the needs of others they acted in a way that drove David to worship God. 

David’s life and kinship foreshadows Jesus’ own ministry and work. Jesus poured out His own life to give us salvation and freedom to live in victory over sin. In the end your faithfulness to God will be worth whatever it costs you. 

Let’s learn from the actions of David and his men and worship God by serving those around us well. 


  • 2 Samuel 23
  • Mark 14:3-9
  • Matthew 26

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June 14, 2021

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