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NSR: Get Up And Live Out Your Pro-Life Stance

All throughout Scripture, we see that the Lord loves the poor and destitute. We need to follow Jesus’ example and care for those around us. We need to do this not only with our words but also with our actions. People tend to voice their opinions about an issue like abortion but then they sit back and don’t do anything to help. In this podcast, Brody shares why he’s so passionate about fostering, adopting, and getting involved with those in your community. This isn’t easy work, but it’s worth it for what the Lord will do in your heart and mind as you serve those in need. 

Let’s be believers of action. Help a single mom or donate to a family who is trying to adopt. Do something other than rant on social media!

While words can hold weight, they are still a vapor. They hold no gravity if they’re not followed by action. Start investing in those in your community who are hurting. Commit to being on a Gospel mission for the least of these in our society.


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November 9, 2020

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