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NSR: Proofs of the Resurrection: Simple Apologetics & Personal Holiness

Everyone has an opinion on the supernatural. It’s curious why people push hard against the Resurrection.

It’s important for us to be able to “give a defense” for the faith we have. This is critical in order to strengthen our faith and stand firm in the face of doubt! Being able to give this defense is also extremely helpful when you come into contact with a true seeker of truth.

Remember when Jesus’ brothers and family were angry at Jesus for the messianic claims He was making? After the Resurrection, His family was huddled in the upper room praying to Him!

Peter denied Christ three times on the night of the Crucifixion and was later martyred for proclaiming the Gospel message.

  1. Roman crucifixion was a cruel death.
  2. Buried behind a stone.
  3. They saw Him in the resurrected body.

The Resurrection of Jesus is wonderful news! The same Spirit that raised Christ from the grave lives inside of every Christian.


  • John 14:6
  • Acts 1:1-6



September 10, 2020

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