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NSR: The Unlawful Trial of Jesus

Happy Resurrection Sunday! The grave is empty. Hell and sin are defeated. Our worldly flesh has been defeated by Jesus’ work at the Cross and power over the grave! Christian, we have so much to be thankful for. The Resurrection of Jesus is what makes the Gospel central to how we work, parent, and combat a secular worldview.

From the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, Satan has been offering counterfeit options to the truth. The world system is coming after Christians, but we should not be surprised by this. Just like Jesus promised, the world hates him and they will hate you. We should expect it and trust our Lord in the middle of it.

Did Jesus really deserve to die?

Luke 22-23 covers the unlawful accusation and trial of Jesus in detail. Read Pilate’s words: 

“Then Pilate said to the chief priests and the crowds, ‘I find no guilt in this man.’” (Luke 23:4)


Jesus was unjustly punished in the name of justice—for the sake of pleasing crowds and unifying politicians. In reality, the Resurrection proved that Jesus is who He says He is. 

Innocent God died in the place of wicked man. Christ Jesus became the substitution and atonement for our sin. This is the Gospel! Jesus stood in our place—the sinless and spotless Lamb of God.

The world gradually inches towards alliance and compliance with the work of Satan in every generation. The world will constantly push back against what Jesus is doing in one way or another. The Jews wanted Jesus silenced, they wanted Him dead and Pilate inched towards compliance. Ultimately, they won Pilate over.

Caiaphas was on trial.

The crowd was on trial.

Our sin was on trial.

Jesus is in command.

Jesus paid the price and conquered sin by the power of his holiness.

So, today we celebrate. He conquered sin so that we won’t have to face the same punishment. He died in our place so that we are able to stand righteous before a holy God—made righteous based on the work and merit of Jesus. Romans 10 promises that we have freedom because of Him. 

Bask in the glory of what Jesus has done. Look forward to an eternity where justice rules and reigns.

Peace, mercy, hope, and grace will prevail.


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April 4, 2021

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