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Be Strong: Kingdom and Country

Zach Mabry : 1 Peter 2 : Be Strong

Where is our identity found? Are we primarily American or primarily Christian? Where are we putting our faith and hope? When we look at 1 Peter 2, we see how we are meant to live in this temporary world in light of being a part of God’s nation. On earth, we are meant to be sojourners and exiles that should not give into the passions and desires of this world.

We cannot become too distracted by earthly things because our citizenship is in Heaven. Even when we become involved with matters relating to our earthly nation or kingdom, we must remember where our true citizenship lies. Our identity does not come from a nation, but from God.

Keep longing for a better city and look forward to the final, eternal Kingdom where King Jesus will sit on His throne and be active in your heavenly citizenship. Long for the better country where Jesus will reign forever.

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March 21, 2019

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