Doctrine Is Worth Dying For

James K. Dew |
September 21, 2021

Iron on Iron | Friday | Jamie Dew

The world is hostile towards us and what we preach. In this session, Jamie walked through 1 Peter 3, where Peter is speaking to people just like us—Christians living in a world that is against them. Peter encouraged the church to remember it is an honor to suffer for righteousness’ sake. We need to pursue doctrines worth dying for.

The devil will pull you away from Christ until you look like the world. Make and keep the Lord the highest loyalty in life. Share the hope you have with those around you. Tell others how Christ has changed you. Remember to be gentle and respectful as you preach. Do it with meekness and fear. 

Make your only aim in life to please Christ. 


  • 1 Peter 3
  • Deut. 6:4-5
1 doctrine worth dying for
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Iron on Iron (March 2024)

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