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The Presence of the Lord in Times of Anxiety | Women’s Session

Brody Holloway : Acts 18 : Respond Conference Women’s Conference : April 28, 2019

God may be doing any number of things when we suffer or endure difficulty and hardship. But, God never wastes our pain and suffering. There are three things that we can be confident in through this text.

  1. God wants to bring glory to Himself in our lives, and this is the greatest purpose we can be used for.
  2. This, in turn, brings our own holiness and sanctification.
  3. God wants to use our suffering and hardship to encourage and grow others.

The darkness of sin and the world will sometimes wear you down, weary you and discourage you. The most important thing for me, day to day, is the Word of the Lord. This will sustain us through suffering. The Word of the Lord is living and active and is the two-edged sword that the Holy Spirit will use in my life to drive out sin and temptation, and conquer enemy territory. God’s word is given to me for life and godliness, for healing and comfort, and to invigorate and strengthen me in the day of trouble. It will insulate us from the cold and darkness of this world, bring oxygen to my spiritual lungs and freedom to my enslaved thoughts.

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Respond Women’s Conference

April 2025

May 2, 2019

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