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The Necessity of Truth | College Students

We need to know what the truth is. Every time you make a statement you are making a truth claim and every religion makes exclusive truth claims. Don’t be afraid to ask people what they believe and why they believe it. Every person needs to have an answer for what they call true. Often without realizing it, people are always asking what is true and we need to be bold in sharing the hope we have with them.

As Christians, we should be a people who are all about the truth. If we’re not operating on a basis of truth corresponding to reality then we have no context for sharing the Gospel. Be willing to follow the truth wherever it leads and be bold in what it leads you to.

So many people today have abandoned the truth. Don’t get pushed around by human schemes. Don’t get sucked in with every wind and wave of doctrine. You need to have a commitment to truth. Put your faith and trust in the God who is there and who tells us the nature of reality.



January 2025

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February 16, 2021

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