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Bethany Clark

Jun 4,

Entanglements & Endurance | Respond

Bethany Clark | Respond Women’s Retreat How can we run the race faithfully as women in this distracting world? In this session, Bethany Clark walks through Hebrews 12 and discusses …

Jun 6,

Take Up Your Shield | Respond

We’ve obtained an inheritance in Christ. We’ve been adopted by Jesus through His blood. Christ has given us a new identity that we are not entitled to. In this session, …

May 31,

Encountering Christ In Difficult Seasons

Respond | Bethany Clark | Friday Night There are points in our lives where our walk with the Lord resembles a wrestling match. This makes sense, when we get saved …

Feb 2,

The Steadfast Love of God

How does the Bible define steadfast love? We are going to look at what the steadfast love of God is, and look at the covenants and promises God gives us …

Jul 27,

Respond: Beholding Christ in Every Moment

Bethany Clark | Respond Women’s Retreat | Breakout In this session, Bethany Clark walks through Colossians 1:1-14 where Paul admonishes the Church. The Colossians are not denying Christ but they’ve …

Jul 15,

Consistently Walking with Christ

Bethany Clark | Respond Women’s Retreat | Saturday Night Believers, you are called to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. In today’s session, Bethany walks through Colossians 1. …

Sep 8,

To Know Christ | Women’s Session

Bethany Clark | John 4 & 20 | 8/28/20 Resources Want to find out what we’re learning? Join the Snowbird Newsletter and get our list of favorite books!  ================================================== Snowbird …

May 29,

Q&A Panel Discussion On Biblical Womanhood: Respond at Home

  Panel: Little Holloway, Sarah Conti, Amy Rasmussen, and Amy Davis. Moderator: Bethany Clark What encouragement would you give to the mama that continually feels like she’s not doing enough …

May 25,

Resting at the Feet of Jesus

Bethany Clark: Respond at Home: May 19, 2020 Too often we want God to fix all of our problems without walking through them. Even as believers we don’t get to …

Nov 25,

The Whisper of the Gospel in Adoption

By Bethany Clark I waved a reluctant goodbye, exhausted and emotionally spent, with tears streaming down my face. The grief of farewell was more than just a sense of loss. …

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