Rob Conti

Our Fight For Purity | Be Strong

Men’s Conference | Rob Conti | Breakout We know the dangers of sexual temptation. We must always be on guard. In today’s world, we are surrounded by distractions that will … Continue reading

Rob Conti October 18, 2022
Event Session

The Gospel in Every Sermon | Iron on Iron

Youth Ministry Conference | Rob Conti | Breakout As ministers of the Gospel, we aim to teach Truth and sound doctrine.  From every text in Scripture, there is a road … Continue reading

Rob Conti October 4, 2022
Event Session

Sharing The Gospel With Confidence | SWO22 Breakout


SWO22 | Rob Conti  | Thursday Breakout Jesus told us to go tell everyone about the good news—the good news that they can have eternal life, be forgiven of sin, … Continue reading

Rob Conti September 6, 2022
Event Session

A Battle Worth Fighting | SWO22

SWO 22 | Rob Conti  | Wednesday Night Guy’s Session  2 Samuel 11  Deuteronomy 17:14-20 Romans 8:1  Psalm 51 

Rob Conti August 23, 2022
Event Session

The Path To The Throne | SWO22


SWO22 | Rob Conti | Friday Morning In 1 Samuel 24, we see more of David’s path to the throne.  David had a chance to kill Saul. But instead, he … Continue reading

Rob Conti August 14, 2022
Event Session

Pursuing Joy In Christ | SWO22

SWO22 | Rob Conti | Wednesday Morning How do we fight for joy? The reality of people experiencing depression right now is only rising. We will all experience seasons of … Continue reading

Rob Conti August 11, 2022
Event Session

Before The Throne Of Grace


Be Strong | Rob Conti | Sunday Morning The Levitical priesthood was designed to point to something better.  Christ is superior because His priesthood will never end. There is now … Continue reading

Rob Conti May 5, 2022
Event Session

Glorify God Through Your Sufferings

Rob Conti  | Winter SWO 22 | Session Five The One who has saved and rescued us is the only One who has the power to keep us. God has … Continue reading

Rob Conti March 15, 2022
Event Session

The Living and Abiding Word of God

Rob Conti | Winter SWO 22 | Session Three  The Word of God is central to our salvation and sanctification.  As believers, we need to examine what we are filling … Continue reading

Rob Conti March 10, 2022
Event Session

Guarding Against a Heart of Unbelief

Rob Conti | College Retreat 2022 | Saturday Morning

Rob Conti February 15, 2022
Event Session