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Sep 10,

Found Faithful | For Student Pastors

Jason Salyer: September 6, 2019 Learn More – Iron on Iron Biography: Jason has served in youth ministry for 18 years in the local church.  He currently serves as Student …

Sep 10,

Navigating Conflict In Youth Ministry

Ricky Smith : Iron on Iron Pre-Conference : September 6, 2019 Learn More – Iron on Iron Resources: Crucial Conversations by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzler Biography: Ricky has been married …

Aug 18,

SWO19 Youth Pastor Breakout: Ministering to Sexual Abuse Survivors

Summer 2019  Sexual abuse has reached epidemic levels and our churches are not immune. Most survivors carry a yoke of shame and guilt. As ministry leaders, we must be equipped …

Aug 17,

Dealing With Depression | SWO19 Breakout

Depression is a widespread affliction, but does the Bible actually talk about it? Yes, the Bible addresses both depression and anxiety and points us to the hope and peace we …

Nov 12,

Our Favorite Books for College Students

We pride ourselves in high-quality teaching, but relational discipleship is at the core of our existence. Our passion is equipping students to grow and develop into mature followers of Christ, …

Oct 30,

Navigating The Teen Years Of Parenting

Brody Holloway : Marriage Conference : Navigating the Teen Years : October 19 , 2018 Breakout Session Scripture is the foundation for learning how to parent our teenagers in today’s culture. …

May 9,

Panel Discussion | Women’s Session

  Panel: Amy Davis, Sarah Conti, Jenn Forchetti, and Bethany Clark. Moderator: Spencer Davis Once you complete the social media detox, how do you decrease awkwardness of re-entering society? – …

Mar 11,

Be Strong Spring: Victory in the Cross

  Brody Holloway : Be Strong : Ephesians 5:25-6:4 When we look at the cross we see our need for a savior. It reflects our sin, but also our means for …

Mar 9,

Be Strong Spring: Prophet, Priest, and King

  Brody Holloway : Be Strong : Genesis 1-3 Men aren’t doing what they are supposed to be doing. God has endowed us with rights and responsibilities that land on the …

Sep 19,

Anxiety, Depression, and Self Harm (SWO16 Breakout)

Rob Conti | Breakout | SWO16 Thursday AM Conditions like anxiety, depression and self-harm are becoming more prevalent in young men and women. Thoughts flood our minds: How do I …

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