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Spiritual Growth

Dec 25,

An Advent Christmas Reading

Merry Christmas! We hope you’re all enjoying Christmas day and spending time with your families. In this episode, Brody reads through some Scripture of Jesus’s coming. Let’s take time today …

Dec 18,

Setting Goals & Staying the Course

Where are you going to be 25 years from now? We should ask ourselves this question from time to time. Believers, let’s not pursue the wrong goals and drift away …

Dec 11,

Simply Daily Devotion

What does your daily devotional life look like?  We should constantly be striving to read and study Scripture. In this episode, Brody shares what his time in the Word looks …

Nov 16,

How to Choose the Best Camp for Your Christian School

Over the last 27+ years of running our Gospel-driven camp for Christian schools, we’ve hosted dozens of school retreats for senior trips, fall/spring break, middle school retreats, and high school …

Nov 13,

Trusting the Lord in Seasons of Waiting

What is the Lord teaching us in seasons of waiting? Scripture gives us plenty of godly examples of those who had to wait and trust in the Lord. In this …

Oct 17,

Comradery & Conduct | Be Strong

Jeremy Wilson | Be Strong Men’s Conference | Breakout There is so much more at stake for our holiness when we’re husbands and fathers. In today’s culture, genuine male friendships …

Oct 12,

Be Strong | Navigating The Complexities of a Fallen World

Men’s Conference | Spencer Davis | Sunday MorningGod has promised to be with you just as he was with Joshua. Part of being a man is navigating the complexities of …

Oct 10,

Be Strong | Joshua – Courageous Obedience

Men’s Conference | Rob Conti | Saturday NightWhen we are disobedient towards God, we are really saying that we don’t trust Him. God has promised to be with us always; …

Oct 9,

Comparison | A Tool For Godly Growth

Who are you comparing yourself to? Instead of comparing ourselves to the world, we need to be comparing ourselves to those around us who know and love the Lord. In …

Oct 3,

Be Strong | Discipline & Dominion

Men’s Conference | Zach Mabry | Breakout As men, we have been called to fight. We are to fight against sin, fight for our holiness, and fight for our families. …

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