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How To Reach Muslims During Ramadan

Ramadan is the annual 30 days of fasting for Muslims around the world. Over 1.8 billion men, women, and children will start their day worshipping a false god — hoping and praying they can somehow earn the favor of Allah. Read and watch through our Ramadan content to learn how to faithfully pray for, love, and reach Muslims during Ramadan this spring.

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Learn What Muslims Believe

Islam, like Christianity, finds its roots in Abraham of the Old Testament and is also a monotheistic religion. However, that is where the similarities end. Much of the foundational beliefs of Islam are intentionally counter-Christian and definitely counter-Gospel. This article provides an introduction to some of Islam’s most basic beliefs about God, Sin, Salvation, Jesus, Muhammed, and the Qur’an.

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Understand the 5 Pillars of Islam

The five pillars of Islam summarize the obedience required of all Muslims. Islam teaches that this is how obedience to Allah should show itself in the lives of true Muslims. The concepts of who God is, and how he should be worshipped, are believed to be found in the teachings of Muhammad. Even at a quick glance, it’s easy to see how obedience to God influences the daily lives of Muslims. Check out these five articles which cover each of the five pillars of Islam.

  1. Profession of Faith (shahadah)
  2. Prayer (salat)
  3. Alms (zakat)
  4. Fasting (sawm)
  5. Pilgrimage (hajj)

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How To Share The Gospel With Muslims

Christ has called us to love our neighbors deeply, and sacrificially (Matthew 22:34-40). But loving Muslims completely (and anyone else) requires that we honestly share the deepest roots of our identity in Christ. As Christians, we are children of the living God — our Heavenly Father has written our story and given us new life in Him. Loving others requires that share the Good News that Jesus Christ came to earth to pay their sin debt and reconcile them to Himself. Read this article with eight simple things to remember as you’re loving Muslims with the Gospel.

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Use Hospitality to Create Conversations with Muslims

Hospitality is not the Gospel, but it is one of God’s chosen ways to create relational bridges across which the Gospel can be delivered across. And it is especially effective when the other person is expecting to be ignored or marginalized because of their minority ethnic or religious status. This article examines how Christians can engage Muslims with the Gospel through their daily habits and conversations.

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Reach Muslims by Learning Their Culture

The Bible teaches us that it’s possible to love and respect a Muslim friend and respect their beliefs—without forsaking the Truth of Christ. Christ is our guide as we learn to listen and care about those who come from a completely different culture. Read this simple guide on how to start learning about how to better love and respect Muslims in their culture.

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5 Truths that Drive Faithful Obedience to Christ.

Loving a culture or having a burden for those of a certain religious background is not the same as genuinely loving someone on a personal level. We need to know people so deeply that we can pray over their greatest fears, and rejoice in their most wonderful times. This article addresses common fears that might prevent Christians from getting to know Muslims on a personal level.

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Real Life Stories of Christians Reaching Muslims

We compiled a shortlist of real-life stories from a variety of different Christian missionaries who served in Muslim countries. Click on the links below to check out the amazing ways that God used these missionaries.

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More Resources about Reaching Muslims with the Gospel

The best way to learn how to love and engage Muslims is by spending time with Muslims. Nothing replaces the value of learning someone’s story, and nothing matches the depth of friendship that comes from walking through life beside one another. However, we’ve run across a few helpful resources (including shorter books) that might give you a springboard into that relationship. Just remember, don’t stop here. Use the counsel and information from these resources, then match it with fervent prayer and Bible reading — then simply start sharing the story of Jesus with those who don’t yet know Him!

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