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No Sanity Required is a podcast hosted semi-weekly by Brody Holloway. Every week, we engage culture and personal stories with a Gospel-driven perspective—looking to the Bible as our source of Truth.

  • Personal stories from SWO
  • Q&A on the Bible
  • Missionary stories
  • Local church resources
  • Cultural engagement with a Gospel-driven lens

Why produce a podcast?

Since our beginning in 1997, our mission has always been to equip the local church. The Church is God’s chosen vehicle to proclaim the Gospel, make disciples, and carry the light of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. What greater mission is there?

The No Sanity Required podcast is simply a new way to teach Scripture in a relational way, with a strong focus on the faithful exposition of God’s Word—for the growth of His Church. We hope you enjoy the content.

Why call it No Sanity Required?

Listen to Episode 1 (Why “No Sanity Required”) to learn more about where our marching orders come from. Brody Holloway, lead teaching pastor at Snowbird, described Snowbird’s beloved tagline, why we love the vision it emits, and why Christians everywhere should consider what it means for their lives.

*Hint – It originated from the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians (gotta give credit where credit is due)

Please send us a message at if you have any ideas for future topics, or simply want to say hello!

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