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Lessons Learned from David’s Failures (Men’s Session)

Brody Holloway | Be Strong 2021 | Saturday Night

The life of David gives us a clear warning against growing complacent in our walk with the Lord. David gets distracted and too comfortable and fails to finish strong. There are clear lessons we as men can learn from his life. We are at war for our own personal holiness and the lives of those around us. No one ever drifts towards holiness, instead, doing nothing in your spiritual pursuit will make you drift farther away.

Men, let’s commit to finishing strong. Surround yourself with brothers who love you enough to speak the truth when it comes to your personal holiness. You need to guard the authority and responsibility you have been given as a man and surrender it daily to the Lord. There are no days off in this life. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and pursue Him. 


  • 2 Samuel 11-12
  • Deuteronomy 17
  • Romans 10:4
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May 6, 2021

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