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Be Strong: Sons of Adam, Sons of God

Brody Holloway : Be Strong : Romans 5 : September 15, 2018

Men, it is our job to restore what is broken in humanity’s understanding of manhood. We have the joy and responsibility of correcting our culture’s twisted understanding of Scripture. In Romans 5, Paul gives us a clear contrast of the life lived under the death of Adam compared with one lived under the redemption of Christ.

  1. Sin is never harmless, but always associated with death.
  2. My sin never only effects me
  3. In thirsting for sin, I am a slave of sin—just like Adam.
  4. Adam was my representative, and I am responsible for my sin.

Sons, husbands, fathers…we must be always protecting and serving those under our care! God has called us to provide physically, emotionally, spiritually, and practically. This is a tall order for sons of Adam. However, Christ is able to redeem our manhood and transform us into His sons who are defined by the righteousness of Christ, indwelt with the Holy Spirit, and passionate about pursuing personal holiness. We must display this type of manhood to the world!

Passages: Romans 5:12-21

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September 18, 2018

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