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Be Strong: Vanity of Vanities

Brody Holloway : Be Strong : Vanity of Vanities : September 15, 2018

We live in a broken, fallen world and it is vital that we place our hope in a strong foundation. There are times in life when you will do the right thing and things still don’t work out. Scripture doesn’t promise us an easy life. Rather, the writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us that all is “vanity” without being grounded in Christ. Finding our identity anywhere in the world, even in life itself, is the definition of absurdity. There is a futility and meaningless characteristic of life that is only explained by the brokenness brought in by Adam’s sin in Genesis 3.

However, there is redemption in the heart of a godly man that can bring value to this world, through the faithfulness of Christ!

Passages: Ecclesiastes, Genesis 3, Romans 5

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September 18, 2018

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