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Jon Rouleau

May 11,

Discipline and Freedom | Be Strong

Young men are looking for discipline and structure right now. Scripture calls us as men to live disciplined lives, free from sin. Jesus gives us freedom from our past. He …

Apr 13,

Preaching The Gospel In A Postmodern World | Iron on Iron

Iron on Iron | Jon Rouleau | Breakout Students need leaders that show them how to live obediently and point them to the Lord. How can we encourage our students …

Mar 23,

Josiah’s Resolve | Winter SWO Session

Josiah became King when he was only eight years old. The kingdom he inherited was sinful and slipping into pagan idolatry and practice. Today, we live in an idolatrous and …

Feb 28,

Resist Temptation by Standing Firm in Christ | Pure & Holy

Jon Rouleau | Guys Breakout | Pure & Holy Men, we are designed to lead in the church and our homes. How do we say no to the easily accessible …

Feb 2,

Beware of Suspicion | College Retreat

College Retreat | Jon Rouleau | Saturday Night In this session, Jon Rouleau breaks down the difference between truth and suspicion. Jon also gives three steps that result in doubting …

Nov 16,

Jesus is Coming, Be Ready | Fall Retreat

Jon Rouleau | Sunday Morning Jesus is coming and we need to be ready. While we’re waiting, we need to be diligent to pursue Christ and holiness. In 2 Peter …

Oct 13,

The Example of Brotherhood from Jonathan & David | Be Strong

Men’s Conference | Jon Rouleau | Saturday Morning The Church needs brothers.  The richness of biblical community makes a difference in your walk with the Lord. Jonathan and David were …

Sep 29,

Preparing Your Students for a Post-Christian World | Iron on Iron

Youth Ministry Conference | Jon Rouleau | Breakout Today, there is a rejection of truth and an elevation of narrative.  Culture is shifting because of social media and it is …

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