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May 19,

Brokenhearted? The Lord is Near

  By Jennifer Jolly Our Losses Most days I thought I was doing ok with it. In fact, before it happened, I actually kind of marveled at how well I …

May 14,

Round Table: Why the Local Church Matters

[buzzsprout episode=’3435931′ player=’true’] Why does the local church matter so much? What is the value of being grafted into the local church, even as a teenager? The Snowbird teachers discuss …

May 12,

5 Books That Engage Culture With a Gospel Lens

Our passion and mission is to equip the Church to impact the world with the message of the Gospel. In order to do that, we’ve got to understand and interact …

May 11,

Round Table: Why Do People Think Youth Ministry is a Joke?

Just want the audio version? [buzzsprout episode=’3401866′ player=’true’] What does it take for a church (and youth pastor) to do student ministry well? Why do people think youth ministry is …

May 7,

Round Table: Fighting Sin, The War is Already Won

[buzzsprout episode=’3400015′ player=’true’] We know we need to fight sin, but how? The Bible teaches us to fight from the position of our identity as forgiven children of God. When …

Apr 22,

The 26 Best Apps for Youth Pastors

We get it. Most days we would rather leave our phone in our sock drawer at home. After all, who needs to carry around an annoying buzzer that keeps going …

Apr 20,

Round Table: Dealing With Temptation

[buzzsprout episode=’3176890′ player=’true’] How do you deal with temptation? Temptation itself is not sin. How do we live in the reality of temptation, but not yield to it? We must …

Apr 13,

The Crowns of Christ

Christ is the conquering King with many crowns. Each crown proclaims His victory over all things. All authority belongs to Him and there isn’t a place He hasn’t conquered. Scripture: …

Apr 9,

Round Table: Giants in the Bible: Where Did They Come From?

[buzzsprout episode=’3190117′ player=’true’] Where did the Nephilim of Genesis 6 come from? The Bible discusses giants and angels in the Old Testament narratives but doesn’t give us a definitive explanation. …

Apr 8,

Easter Resources From SWO

Easter weekend is going to look a little different for all of us this weekend. There won’t be many easter egg hunts or sunrise services, but we will still celebrate …

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