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No Sanity Required

Apr 25,

Abigail as a Type of Christ | Beyond the Flannelgraph

Abigail is a type (example) of Christ.  In 1 Samuel 25, she confronted David and 400 of his men to spare the lives of the men in her town. In …

Apr 18,

Solitude & Boredom in the Life of a Believer

We are always giving our attention to something.  But, what if the Lord is speaking to us and we’re not paying attention? We need to be disciplined about taking time …

Apr 11,

A Conversation On How The Gospel Transcends Culture pt. 3

Culture today wants to control what you believe.  There is continual pressure to stop walking with Jesus and to start following the world. We’re asked to believe the narrative society …

Apr 4,

A Conversation on Faith & Deconstruction pt. 2

What is driving Christians to fall away from the faith? Today we’re seeing believers either abandoning the Christian faith or redefining the parameters of it. Something is always driving this. …

Mar 28,

A Conversation on Progressive Christianity pt. 1

What runs people down the path of progressive Christianity?  We’re seeing believers today wanting to decide the parameters of their faith with what they hold firm to in the Bible …

Mar 21,

Learning to Become an Asset From the Life of David (pt. 2)

A lot of things that happen in David’s life are consequences of his actions. While God forgives us for our sins, there may be consequences that linger. Don’t live in …

Mar 14,

Learning to Become an Asset From the Life of David

Ask yourself, “How do I become an asset in advancing the kingdom, guarding my holiness, and pursuing the Lord?”  We can look at David’s life and learn principles that push …

Mar 7,

A Conversation On The Crisis In Ukraine

Brody sat down with Yuri, a Pastor in Denver, CO, to discuss what is going on in Ukraine and how believers can be praying for the church there. Yuri is …

Feb 28,

Avery Primm | No Sanity Stories | Staff Edition

Believers, we can handle the hardships differently because we have hope in Christ. We don’t respond the same way the world does.  Brody sat down with Avery Primm, a Snowbird …

Feb 21,

Jesus Saving Zacchaeus | Beyond the Flannelgraph

Jesus is never random. He is always on mission. When Jesus goes to Jericho, it’s to meet and save Zacchaeus. Zaccheaus was hated by the people around him because of …

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