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No Sanity Required

Jun 28,

A Warning To Those Who Profess Christ | Don’t Drift

There is a constant pressure from society and your flesh to conform to the world. In today’s podcast, Brody looks at the Lord’s warning against drifting away (in Hebrews 2). …

Jun 21,

What Does the Bible Say About Alcohol & Marijuana?

Will drinking alcohol or smoking weed hurt your testimony as a Christian? In this week’s episode, Brody addresses these issues by looking at Scripture, statistics, and sharing his personal thoughts. …

Jun 14,

NSR: Beyond the Flannelgraph | David’s Mighty Men

In today’s episode, Brody walks through 2 Samuel 23 and shows what we can learn from the action of David’s mighty men. These men show loyalty, unselfish bravery, and the …

Jun 7,

NSR | Golden Corral Edition

In this week’s episode, Brody discusses week one of SWO21, the authority of Scripture, the SWO mission statement, and premium Bibles. Brody shared a story from this week and explained …

May 31,

NSR: Remembering The Fallen

For this Memorial Day episode, Brody reflects on the sacrifices of soldiers who have given their lives in combat for our freedom. Brody also reflects on the sacrifice Jesus made …

May 20,

NSR: Staff Training SWO21 + NEW (Ask Brody)

In today’s podcast, Brody walks through what training looks like for our summer staff as we get ready to kick off our first week of summer camp. During staff training …

May 17,

NSR: The Attributes of God – Immutability

This summer, at SWO21, our pastors are teaching through the attributes of God. Every week we will walk through the characteristics of God to better understand His nature. Jesus is …

May 11,

From a S.W.A.T. Cop to a Boys Home Founder

Today, Brody sat down with Steve Finn, a long-time friend of Brody and Snowbird. Steve shared his life story and testimony of how the Lord saved him and pushed him …

May 3,

NSR: What Fear in the Life of a Believer Should Look Like

Fear is all around us. The world is fallen and broken, and we need to combat our fears with prayer and Scripture. Prayer must be a consistent part of our …

Apr 26,

NSR: What Prayer in the Life of a Believer Should Look Like

Most Christians would admit that their prayer life isn’t what they want it to be. Prayer is a great gift that allows us to communicate with the Almighty God. As …

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