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No Sanity Required

Nov 19,

NSR: A Biblical Understanding of Woke Culture, White Privilege, & BLM

This episode wraps up our 3-part series on critical race theory (CRT) and intersectionality. Brody, Zach Carter, and Zach Mabry sat down and took time to discuss and define the …

Nov 18,

Is Intersectionality A Useful Tool for Christians? | NSR

In this second episode on CRT and intersectionality, Brody, Zach Carter, and Zach Mabry walk through the dangers of using intersectionality as an analytical tool. This theory allows for the …

Nov 16,

NSR: What is Critical Race Theory & How Christians Should View It

Critical race theory (CRT) and intersectionality are complicated and can be intimidating to understand. More clarity is needed to understand the danger of CRT and the whole-scale acceptance of it, …

Nov 12,

NSR: The Role of the Holy Spirit in Our Lives

When we see a fellow believer fall into sin and shame, the body of Christ feels that too. We feel the gravity of their guilt, brokenness, and self-condemnation. We should …

Nov 9,

NSR: Get Up And Live Out Your Pro-Life Stance

All throughout Scripture, we see that the Lord loves the poor and destitute. We need to follow Jesus’ example and care for those around us. We need to do this …

Nov 5,

NSR: What is Your Purpose in Life?

In today’s podcast, Brody shares two stories from the birth of Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters that involve the help and investment from his father-in-law, Steve Coleman. He walks through how the …

Nov 2,

NSR: Getting the Word of God to Those Who Need it

Brody and Greg Helms discussed the importance of distributing Bibles to those who don’t have access to Scripture. Greg shared about his partnership with the organization, Reaching Africans Unreached, who …

Oct 29,

NSR: The Profound Effects of Simple Obedience

[buzzsprout episode=’6110929′ player=’true’] This episode gives more background on the story of our brother in Africa. Brody sat down with Greg Helms to learn how teaching English to Muslim men …

Oct 27,

NSR: Of Masks And Men

Is it unloving to not wear a mask? Brody addresses a question he got from a church member on why we don’t wear masks at Red Oak Church. He reads …

Oct 22,

NSR: Priscilla & Aquila, Power Couple of the Bible

How can our marriages and homes serve as a base of operations for advancing the gospel? Believers, we should be striving to do ministry by engaging people in our homes …

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