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No Sanity Required

Feb 8,

The Salvation of a Buddhist Monk

In this episode, Brody talks with Jonathan Ballou, a missionary who serves in Thailand with his family. They discuss church planting, the importance of language learning, and following the leadership …

Feb 1,

NSR: Why We Can Trust the Bible

  What we do with the Word of God determines how we view Christ. In this episode, Brody discusses the reliability and authenticity of the Bible by walking through questions …

Jan 25,

NSR: When Heroes of the Faith Fall

It is discouraging to see people we hold in high regard fall away from the faith. How do we recover when giants of the faith fall? In this episode, Brody …

Jan 18,

NSR: Progressive Christianity, Nationalism, & the Hope that Outlasts them Both

Christians are falling into the trap of finding their identity in politics. Our hope should not be in the government or society but in Christ alone. Our role of being …

Dec 21,

NSR: Holloway Holiday Christmas Special

In today’s podcast, Brody wraps up season one with some of his favorite Christmas poems and songs. He also brings on a special guest for this season finale. We hope …

Dec 17,

NSR: Camp Just Got Bigger!

Snowbird exists because God is sovereign. Lives are changed here only because of His gospel. God brings people into His mission and SWO is a testimony to that. In this …

Dec 14,

NSR: Paul’s Last Words

Scripture is breathed out by God. God’s Word is alive and active. Some of Paul’s last words in the Bible point to this truth and emphasize it’s sufficiency. In today’s …

Dec 10,

NSR: “Let Them Have Dominion”

Looking back at the creation of man, we see God’s purposes and plan for each gender. These purposes help us function as image-bearers of God. In this episode, Brody specifically …

Dec 7,

NSR: Expositional Preaching in the Local Church

Expositional preaching is one of the pillars we stand on at Snowbird. There are many different styles of preaching, and everyone has their preference. No matter what style people use, …

Dec 3,

NSR: 10 Distinctives of a Healthy Church

A question we get asked a lot is at what point should you leave your church. No church is perfect and we need to be believers who show grace towards …

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