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No Sanity Required

Oct 29,

NSR: The Profound Effects of Simple Obedience

[buzzsprout episode=’6110929′ player=’true’] This episode gives more background on the story of our brother in Africa. Brody sat down with Greg Helms to learn how teaching English to Muslim men …

Oct 27,

NSR: Of Masks And Men

Is it unloving to not wear a mask? Brody addresses a question he got from a church member on why we don’t wear masks at Red Oak Church. He reads …

Oct 22,

NSR: Priscilla & Aquila, Power Couple of the Bible

How can our marriages and homes serve as a base of operations for advancing the gospel? Believers, we should be striving to do ministry by engaging people in our homes …

Oct 19,

NSR: Two Missionary Stories: One of Faithfulness, One of Selfishness

Brody tells a crazy story of two missionary couples in this episode. There is a contrast between those who go and stay faithful and those who go and forget their …

Oct 15,

NSR: 9 Observations On Jealousy

Here are 9 observations about jealousy. Brody points out ways to combat it and acknowledges when jealousy can actually be healthy. Don’t compare yourselves to others—that’s a sure way to …

Oct 12,

NSR: Hypocrisy

In the Christian walk, it is easy to fall into hypocrisy and live an inauthentic life. Jesus even addresses hypocrisy by warning His disciples to guard against it. If they …

Oct 8,

Thoughts on Government: Who I’m Voting for & Why

  In this episode, Brody addresses issues that Christians can’t ignore when choosing a candidate to vote for. He explains who he’s voting for, and why, by walking through core …

Oct 5,

Thoughts on Government: Romans 13 & the Christian’s Responsibility

  Christian, remember that you are not of this world. You have permanent citizenship in the Heavenly Kingdom. With everything that is going on in society today, we cannot lose …

Oct 1,

Thoughts on Government: Back to School with Brody

With the election coming up, we should be educating ourselves on voting. It’s important to understand our Christian responsibility to the government. In this episode, Brody explains the different types …

Sep 28,

NSR: How to Remain Faithful

There are many things battling for our attention in today’s world. It’s easy to get derailed by cultural influences and lose sight of Jesus. We all know people who used …

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